Monday, July 21, 2014


Proverbs 18 reminds us that death and life are in the power of the tongue. It wields power.

A single phrase, a single sentence, a single response, a single conversation can stay with us for a lifetime. Many of us can pinpoint a single exchange, whether for good or evil, that has stayed with us through the years.

Words. Powerful words. Used as either a blessing or a curse.

I know firsthand the significance which a simple, verbal blessing creates in one’s life. I can remember, from my children, that I either woke or went to sleep with a verbal blessing from my father. It was a constant affirmation of my worth in the eyes of my father.

My dad didn't prioritize his time well. I will be the first to say he was a workaholic. But he set apart time in the midst of his hectic day to encourage me, teach me, and love me. I knew I was valued and loved by my father, and this in turn profoundly affected how I viewed my heavenly Father. What a rare, treasured gift I was given, one which I desired to pass onto our children.

Whether it’s planning an intentional evening with a child to mark an important rite of passage, tucking them into bed or writing a note in his/her lunch, the power to wield words of blessing impacts His kingdom. It’s a humbling privilege to know that in the midst of my oh so messy life and struggles as a mom, the Lord uses me to do His work.

I strive to use simple words with a simple message.  No theology degree needed. Just a heart to use the scripture to pour truth over our children, spouses, friends and loved ones.

Words matter. Words mark. Wield them well.

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