Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hi to All My Happy Endings! lovely readers! I hope y'all are having an amazing week! Mandi has kindly allowed me to take over this space for the day (did she know what she was getting into?? lol!). My name is Tori and I am a wife to the most amazing man, Nick, who is a chiropractor by day and a hands-on dad at night (if our little one wakes up in the middle of the night, his feet hit the floor before mine). I am a mom to a rambunctious 7 month old little boy, Conner, who despite being 7 weeks early, blows us away each day with his silly personality, positive temperament and growth (despite being born at 3 lbs. 14 oz. - he now weighs more than most 7 month olds). 

When you're little, you're asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer was always, and still is, to be a wife and a mom. While I thought being a doctor or lawyer (my mom says that as much as I like to debate things, I should've been a lawyer) would've been great, I knew the best place for me was going to be taking care of my husband, our children and our home. When I met Nick, and we started heading towards engagement, marriage, etc., we had a conversation about our future careers. He was raised in a home where his mom stayed home and took care of their family and he wanted the same for our future family. I, on the other hand, was raised by a single mother who worked 70 hour weeks, put herself through college when we were young and did an amazing job raising my sister and I. I've been working since the age of 15 and really thought I'd always be working. It's just what I knew. So, we talked and talked and talked, and decided that when the point came that we were financially able to, I would stay at home. But when would the timing be right? He was still in medical school, which meant I was the breadwinner. After his graduation we made a big move (6 hours away) for Nick to join the practice of his mentor. While he's been building his business this past year, I have continued to work to bring income into the home. Now we've decided that we are going to open up a second practice in another city. It felt like our time frame for me to stay at home kept getting pushed back further and further. We sat down and started thinking of things that I might be able to do, from home, that still brought in income but also allowed me more time at home. I stumbled upon the most amazing opportunity, truly a God send, that has allowed me to bring in more income, spend more time at home and pull our time frame back closer.

I am now an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot (fabulous, boutique style jewelry and accessories). You can shop online, host trunk shows with your friends and even host trunk shows online too. I not only sell Stella & Dot items (and also buy a lot for myself too!) but I am also looking for new friends to become a part of my team! If you love jewelry and accessories and love making extra $$, Stella & Dot would be a wonderful fit for you! Stella & Dot has allowed me to be more involved in my son's daily life by only spending a few hours "working." What you earn depends on how much time you want to put into your business – you can earn a little fun money or you can make this into a 6 figure career (wouldn’t that be amazing!). I’d love to help you accessorize or start a new career!!!

For the month of July, I am running a crazy promotion! Any purchases made in July (using my direct link - http://www.stelladot.com/sites/toribaucum) will be entered to win the Petra Braided Bracelet (a $98 value!!!!). I just received this bracelet (as a gift to myself last week for making a certain number of sales) and it is STUNNING and I’d love to send one lovely lady their own bracelet to enjoy.

My email (if you have questions or you’re interested in becoming a part of my team): victoriabaucum@gmail.com

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