Tuesday, May 6, 2014

{meet my guest} THE SAGE BLOG

Give us a little background about who you are and what you do.
Hello All My Happy Endings readers! My name is Cassie and I blog over at Sage the Blog. I am not too great at introductions, so you will just have to stop on by my little space and read more about my everyday happenings, but I guess you could say my life is pretty simple. I'm just a twenty-something Jesus-loving college graduate, navigating graduate school and my soon to be (in less than 2 months) marriage! My fiance, M, and I just moved from Arizona to Missouri back in August of 2013 has been a HUGE transition! We love the outdoors, cycling, running, and our cats! He is a photographer, and I am a full time student and blogger! 

What sparked your interest with blogging?
I first got into blogging in April of 2013. After following many blogs for about a year, and continually being inspired by them, I decided it was my turn to take a stab at this whole blogging thing. I initially set out with the goal to just blog about my daily happenings, however it became far more than that. It became a place to share my faith, meet other women in similar stages of their lives, gain insight into what I was struggling with, and just meet some GREAT people! In September of the same year, after I was accepted into graduate school, I decided it was time to shut down my blog for fear that it would impact my evaluations or my career. Consistently since then, God kept putting on my heart that the purpose of my life is to glorify HIM, and that this may cause some opposition. That message was clear in my mind for months. Finally, last month, I decided to reenter the blogging world. Starting over has been difficult, but I know that I am in this for the right reason, and that my purpose in blogging is to share my testimony and glorify God, no matter how scary. 

Has being a blogger changed your life? How?
Being a blogger has taught me how to be brave, which has absolutely changed my life. By honestly sharing my struggles, achievements, and heart, I have learned so much more about how much bravery it takes to be vulnerable, especially on the internet to people I barely know. Being a fairly private and closed off person, blogging has honestly taught me how to be proud of my story, and to use it to encourage others, even if it is terrifying to be as vulnerable and open as I am at times. 

Your blog exudes your Christianity. Is there a specific message that you feel God is encouraging you to share with your readers?
The message that God has been putting on my heart lately is that no one is too far gone. No one is too far from God that they cannot be saved. I was an atheist until about two years ago. I chased boys, success, money- you name it. I lived in a world of idols and false meaning. I was too far gone. But God STILL saved me and pulled me out of the hell I was living in. If I could share one message, it would be just that: no one is too far gone. The implications of this are that we should not fear sharing the gospel with anyone! Maybe it is those people you think are too far gone that need the gospel the most.... 

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