Monday, May 26, 2014


Pinterest is awesome, right? There are some amazingly talented people pinning their projects, ideas, and quotes, and I just stand in awe of their creativity. I tip my hat!

I like reading the quotes -- some are just downright brilliant!

There was one on there recently that talked about associating with others that bring out the best in you. Another stated something along the lines of not tolerating people that make you feel other than what you want to feel.

Well, I digress.

It's like saying, only hang out with robots...people that only bring you one single emotion...the good one. The phrases and quotes sound great, but really are just pleasant semantic tom-foolerie meanings for I'm using you for what you can bring to the table in this relationship...better make me feel good.

Our friends, our spouses, our sisters, our kids. They jolt our emotions from time to time, bring out the best in us most days, but have spat in our faces a time or two or more.

What if Jesus said those quotes about you? No one can honestly say they are always pleasing in the Lord's eyes.

So, why put so much emphasis on these platitudes and sayings that make us feel good about being selfish and refusing to love others when the cost is too high? When Jesus has been and continues to be belittled, taken advantage of, and betrayed.

People in our lives are in our lives on purpose.

We often recognize people that do us good favors with "God put ___ in my life!" Well, frankly, he also put the difficult relationships in your life. So, perhaps both are gifts, even though it may not seem like it.

Maybe just maybe, those difficult relationships give us purposeful opportunities to be an example of God's grace to an undeserving people.

Do you feel like people around you accept you for only what you bring to the table?

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  1. Hopping over from the FB share today :) I love reading quotes on Pinterest (and other places) too! And I agree that difficult people / situations / relationships are perhaps the best place to shine with God's love. Hard to remember sometimes, but a brilliant opportunity!
    Rebecca xx


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