Friday, May 2, 2014

{coffee talk} HOSPITALITY

Back in 2010, when we were the new kids in town, we were excited to start anew, but like most people, we were wearied by life -- we were in desperate need of community, but didn’t feel like we had the time to devote or know how to get it. Well, God held us and used people to carry us along our new lives in our new town.

God was using life and people to move us in the direction of church. Though doubtful, we obeyed and set a goal to visit 3 churches in the area. Having had a not-so-good track record of finding community at church, we braced ourselves for a long and disappointing search.

We found a church alright. It was the first church we visited. The connection was nearly instantaneous. The hospitality surprisingly impeccable. Its pastor embraced us and cheered for us. He even met me for coffee soon thereafter, simply because he was interested to know my passions, my callings. He invited us to outings with him and his wife and connected us to other members of the congregation. And most recently, his family delivered a much-needed meal upon the arrival of our infant son. He became a friend to us. He and his wife became an integral part of our spiritual family.

With all that being said, I’m disheartened to say that he’s stepping down as Lead Pastor to pursue new endeavors in his ministry.

My point, however, is this: To those of you that are always reaching out to others, I want to thank you. You’ve taught me how to be brave in community and live it forward to others. I’m not the perfect picture of hospitality – I don’t have a meticulous designer-decorated house, hardwoods that glisten, or a manicured lawn, but you are always welcome. Comfort isn’t about four walls as it the connection between two hearts and that connection can happen whenever and wherever.

How are you showing hospitality to others?

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  1. Oh I LOVE your coffee talk posts. I look forward to them!


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