Monday, February 10, 2014

{meet my guest} SAMANTHA HEATHER

After having “met” you, so-to-speak, your beauty, faith and heart stand in the forefront. You’re a gorgeous soul! Tell my readers a little bit about yourself. Maybe something out of the ordinary?
Oh you are too kind. Thank you.

I have always been terrible with self-introductions to be honest. To cut a long story short though, I’m a twenty-something girl living in the heart of Sydney who has a passion for love, photography and story telling. Early last year I went through a bit of a rollercoaster in my life and I knew I needed to do something for myself, something I loved that allowed me to express myself. SamanthaHeather, the blog, then began and I’ve been loving every second of it. I get to write and photograph and express myself the way I want to without life distractions and judgments getting in the way.  I think it’s so important to find what you love and pursue it.

Something out of the ordinary? I am a huge Lego collector (awesome, right!?). My mum started our collection before I was born and now I have happily taken over. I am a huge advocate for letting out your inner child. Who says that being an adult means you have to grow up?

What is your photography style? Or otherwise, what do you most like to capture from behind a lens?
I guess you could say my photography style is very natural and candid. I like to photograph moments rather than poses. I don’t give much direction in my shoots; I just let the moments create themselves. I wait for a mother to naturally kiss her child on the forehead or for a father to hold his wife’s hand as she nurses their baby. It’s these natural instincts of love that I aim to capture in a photo.

There are a lot of websites and/or books about photography. Are there any in particular that you recommend, and why?
To be honest, my best piece of advice is to go along to a photography workshop rather than teach yourself online. I tried YouTube videos, and a few little photography blogs here and there but what I really needed was a hands-on course to show me the ropes. If you’re in Australia, I recommend Tim Coulson’s “The Nursery” – it is a one day workshop that teaches you everything you need to know about shooting on manual. Not only did I get to meet one of my favourite photographers but he taught me so much about emotional shooting and how to get those tricky settings right. So I recommend checking out local photography courses in your area! Highly valuable.

You can see Tim’s work HERE.

My readers are predominantly mommies – what tips do you have for photographing children?
Be patient. I can’t stress this enough. Children (as I’m sure you would know) are a rollercoaster themselves. Getting them to sit still or smile can be quite a challenge. When I go along to my shoots, I make sure I introduce the children to the camera so they’re not overwhelmed when I shove a big, black object in their face. Secondly, I make sure they’re in an environment they are comfortable in. I don’t make them pose, or wear things they don’t like – I let them be themselves and then I wait for the perfect moment. If it doesn’t work, then take a break and come back later. Wait till they are ready and comfortable with you rather than the other way around.

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  1. Sam is a very talented young lady, I'm a fan of her blog and her work!

  2. Such beautiful children! What a great guest post :)
    xo TJ


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