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Hi there! If you are tuning in for the first time, welcome! If you're already familiar with All My Happy Endings, then you might know that I've just had a baby. On the heels of that, I'm taking a few days off to recover and become acquainted with our newest blessing. In the interim, however, I'm hosting some truly amazing bloggers to keep the crickets at bay.

Today you get to meet Ana from Mommy's Bundle. She calls herself a rookie mom, but don't let her fool you -- she's a plethora of great advice! Please love on her a little and leave a comment below.


Surviving Toddler Tantrums: What Every New Mom Should Know

Oh toddler tantrums. I always thought they were years away, until it hit me that my little boy was no longer a baby.  He was approaching the dreaded terrible-twos stage, often characterized by outbursts and random fits.

So what was this all about?

For starters, I quickly realized that this was a natural part of early childhood that I needed to learn to adjust to.  It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. According to What to Expect When Expecting, the terrible-twos name is actually a misnomer because it can begin as early as 12 months and last several years. 

Second, temper tantrums can also come about from a number of things including the inability to express feelings and desires through words, the need to assert independence, lack of control, hunger, overstimulation and tiredness, to name a few.  So you have to remember it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your child.  That is often a misconception, new mothers have.

And knowing all this, what was a rookie mom like me to do??

Start with prevention. I never realized I could somehow prevent the tantrums, but I guess if you look at the causes, it’s a no-brainer.  You can ward off the culprits by ensuring your child is well-rested and well-fed, avoid over-scheduling, and bring healthy snacks and toys when venturing out.  It’s also important to remember that there isn’t necessarily a one-size fits all solution; you have to work with your child’s personality.  I learned that sticking to a daily routine often helps reduce some of these outbursts.

Soften your tone.  Sometimes the natural reaction is to raise your voice to reprimand the little ones, but this can backfire. I learned that toddlers love to mimic what they see…so it’s important to speak softly and keep your cool so they can do the same.

Distract.  When my little guy decides to act out I oftentimes have to grab a favorite toy or book to distract him.  It may seem counter-intuitive to avoid the issue at hand, but sometimes this is all their little minds need to calm down.

Be funny.  That’s right.  Just like laughter can calm a fussy baby, silly faces and tickling can work wonders on cranky toddlers.  There’s just something about seeing you lighten up that also relaxes kids. Again this really depends on the personality, but use what works best!

Time-out.  When all else fails time-out can do the trick.  Have a designated chair or corner you can use and set a timer.  Let them sit and think about what they’ve done, but don’t give them too much attention during the process.  When the timer goes off, let them know that they are “all done”.

Do you have any unique ways to deal with temper tantrums? Let me know!

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