Friday, January 24, 2014


In addition to being incredibly difficult, two year olds can also be adorably hilarious. It's a good thing because otherwise, you might pawn them off on unsuspecting relatives and skip town. (I hear Helsinki is beautiful this time of year.)

Two year old humor is a lot different than one year old humor because it actually makes some degree of sense. Here are a few episodes of adorableness that made me momentarily forget about the terrible twos:

Reef was trying to get the attention of our cat -- repeatedly screamed "Jarvy! Jarvy!" but the cat continued to ignore him. So he paused for a second and then screamed "¡VĂ¡mos!" As if the cat wasn't listening to him because he spoke Spanish.
Reef has started imitating the noises adults make when they snore. But his snore impression is totally exagerated. Basically, he snores similarly to a lion's roar.
Reef discovered a porcelain bird at a store whose leg had fallen off. I asked him not to touch it because it was broken. "Batteries?" Reef asked.

Now. These all probably happened before a tantrum, but who can remember anything terrible in the face of SO MUCH CUTENESS!?

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