Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I’ve heard people talk about a “year of yes,” a time to accept every invitation, to take every opportunity, to grow and risk and live fully. I’ve also heard people describe a “year of no,” a time to focus, to weed out, to de-clutter and calm down and live simply.

I have found myself backed into a corner these past 2 years, by saying yes to too many great things. I piled so many commitments, projects, and wonderful opportunities on my proverbial plate, and I have a tough time juggling it all. But everything on my plate was something I enjoyed. So, it was a bit of a pickle.

As the holidays make the talk of resolutions triumphant, I turned the page on a new calendar and decide to declare this my own year. My year of "Maybe."

But I sense that changing my yes-girl ways will be challenging. Having to respond with only a “maybe” and promise myself to think about it and give my answer soon, is going to force me to find balance. And maybe even teach me to say no.

Although, just this morning, I caught myself saying, “yes, I’d love to!”


Are you quick to say yes or no?

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