Monday, November 25, 2013


Lately, I have felt overwhelmed. But in a good way. With a grateful heart. It has brought me to tears even.

Why am I so blessed? Why has God allowed my family such comforts and second chances? Why has God chosen to give me a husband who truly cherishes me and wants nothing more than to just be with me? Why has God given me a little boy who oozes joy to the very pit of his being...bringing such joy and excitement to my life. A teenage son with a heart the size of Texas. A pre-teen daughter who makes me want to be 11 again just so that I can be her best friend.

Then my mind wanders to the friends that God has no doubt strategically placed in my life during this season and chapter. I wonder if we would be so close if we met in 10 years from now. Would our lives collide in such a way that we would be such steadfast friends?

He chooses the folks who walk into my life and at times He allows me to see a glimpse of His plan. We have built relationships with others who are hurting, deeply hurting through trials we have not faced. We pray together, cry together and sort through the grief together.

I am so thankful that even in the darker days, God gives me hope more often than not, by allowing me to be with others who love Him and show His love to me.


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