Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween costumes this year gave me an epiphany – people wear masks all year round.

(Hang on tight, lovelies! I'm about to get bold.)

In that, I mean, people hide who they really are. I see it on social media a lot – a misguided attempt to gain favor or be liked, when the interior of one’s life is fragile and/or possibly falling apart. Perhaps it’s an escape from real-world disappointments or perceived failures or wishing to be something they’re not. There’s almost too much hypocrisy that I often have to remove myself from Facebook for days, even weeks. 

And I get it. I once tamed the reality of a bad relationship – pretended it was normal behavior. All the while, creating a world of imagination with my kids – pure play, simple and undefiled. But why smile on the outside when we’re crying on the inside, desperate and lonely and broken? How does that help matters? How does that help others? It doesn’t. Instead, it makes people compare their reality to your imaginary perfection. And everyone goes spiraling down the same rabbit hole.

During that time, I ran after things I thought would make me happy. And, oh, the running I’ve done. When I lost every material thing in my life, watched things get taken from me or destroyed, it jolted me awake. It made me realize that every circumstance, every hard relationship, every opportunity and every closed door made me into who He wanted me to be.

You will live your life as your believe it, I know. But let me remind you: you are the only you that will ever live. And God lives in you. And He wants more than anything to live through you – using your unique gifts, talents, personality, and propensities.

Be perfectly yourself. Cease being an obstacle to yourself and everyone else. Comfortable in your own skin so that those around you can be who they are.


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