Monday, October 14, 2013


If we truly believed what God says about us -- that Christ's blood covers us and we are seen as perfect... If our hope was only in Christ... If our identity was truly found in Him...

We would stop caring about our secrets and how they make us look. We would stop puffing ourselves up with false humility. We would stop making ourselves look like something we are not. We would stop comparing ourselves to our friends, sisters, other bloggers, other creatives, other anythings. 

Acceptance is a funny thing.  We all crave it from each other but we often don’t easily give it to each other. To ourselves sometimes. What we find easy to do is judge, find fault, and exclude. But do you have any idea what a beautiful gift it is to welcome someone, with open arms, into your circle;  to accept them wholeheartedly into your life?  We all know what it’s like to be excluded, to be judged and found wanting;  but the joy of true acceptance is something we all remember with fondness.

Think of a time when someone has judged you unfairly or given you the benefit of the doubt.  How did you feel? What is something  you could do today to show compassion to someone in your life?

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