Tuesday, October 8, 2013


My oldest stood in the doorway of the pantry complaining that “there’s never enough.”


They don’t nibble, they gnaw. They don’t scurry, they scavenge. They’re not mice, they’re mammoths. And they bring friends!

With 5 people in the house, we have no problem ridding of groceries. $150-$200 a week spent on groceries is never enough. 

Though, in this post, I’m not really worried about feeding my children. 

Rather, I’m worried about this constant perspective we carry around, that there is ‘never enough’ in our lives.


  1. I don't even have a family living with me, just two other roommates, and even WE can't keep groceries past a week!

    I've been trying my best to remind myself of this over the last few months as well. With all the changes I've been through - new boyfriend, apartment, going overseas, honors classes, jobs, blogging, etc. - it's hard to realize that striving for more isn't always a good thing.

    1. You're wise beyond your years, Allison. You're so right on -- the key is recognizing that you have exactly what you need when you need it.

  2. Are your kids living in my house? Or are mine living in yours? Ha! They are all the same. Funny thing I hear, "we never have anything good to eat". Now, they don't mean 'good for me', good, they mean junk to easily open and munch. I limit bad food, and aim to healthy more. They don't want to 'waste time' putting something together, or eating healthy.

    "Never enough" with 6 children, was always a huge deal here in this household. Who has more- I want more- Why can't we- It's not fair. Why must we always look to what we don't have? Goals, appreciation and hard work, are lacking, all around us.

    1. You know, Wendy, just a few short days before I wrote this post, that same child of mine helped me bring the groceries in from my car. As I unpacked items from the plastic bags, I vividly recall his excitement, "oh cool, I've been wanting some of this..." or "man, you got some good stuff!" Shortly thereafter, his whole perspective changed. Suddenly, there wasn't anything good anymore. The newness had all worn off, I guess.

      We all have a tendency of doing this, I think.

  3. Gosh between my 17 yr old brother an his friends we can never keep food in the house! It is amazing how much they can eat!


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