Monday, October 21, 2013


Friends have asked if I will tell my kids of my sins.

It's easy to forget that we serve a human God. He's a miracle worker in hopeless situations. Takes dead things and makes them alive. Redeems things that had no value and were despised.

He works in the broken places.

Which brings me back to telling our children of our mistakes. Our flaws. And the answer is yes.

When the time is right, I don't hide my sin from my children. On the contrary, I highlight it and make it clear that we are all messed up. Mommies, daddies, grandparents, friends, children...we are all on the same playing field as far as our need for the cross.

Our need for a savior is an intricate part of every day. Not just lip service or Sundays or story time.

All of life.


  1. Amen! This is very well put and I couldn't agree more. We don't need to hide our flaws from anyone, especially our kids. And we need to tell them that it is because of Jesus, we are saved even though we mess up. Great reminder!

  2. Yes and yes! This is great. It's crucial to know that we are not alone in our sin and that we don't need to hide or be ashamed of them as Christ has washed us clean.

    I agree with Charlene! ^^ Great Reminder!

  3. Wow what a beautiful show of faith.

  4. Beautifully and succinctly said. Thankyou


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