Thursday, October 24, 2013


The deeper my daughter gets into the core of junior high and high school, I begin to see a lot of same drama and cliques I remember throughout my own school days. And quite honestly, nothing has really changed about the conversations and goings on among girls at that age. For lack of a better word, many of them are just mean

We naturally operate out of created groups. From our instinctive desire to belong, I suppose. And looking back, I wasn’t necessarily part of like-minded groups. Instead, I was part of groups that, from the outside looking in, appeared ideal. Popular. Cool maybe.  And the sad thing is, they weren’t. They were cliques. And there’s no room for community in cliques.

It makes me sad at times, Facebook that is, because those same cliques still exist today. And there’s always someone on the inside enforcing the hierarchy of judgment on others to be allowed in. At the same time, I sigh in relief that I am no longer part of those groups. For the friends I have today are so mismatched for me…and we may not have been friends in junior high and/or high school. Our “reputations” and judgment would not have let that happen.

The people I call friends today are very much a community. All trying to do life well. Most, trying to follow Him. We take a chance on people – to see their heart, to know them and love on them.

Why let naysayers say you can’t be friends with someone?

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