Thursday, September 19, 2013


Here we go again. Another season of changing friendships.

Over the years, friends have have fallen from the sky and onto our doorstep, and many a time I sat thinking "this is definitely a long-term friendship." Then, at some point, jobs happen...that move these friends across the miles, and some across oceans even.

From the moment our feet hit the ground here in the Woodlands, we delighted in friends who hitched their horses here, too. We have found ourselves knee-deep in quality friendships. Some help child-rearing and day-to-day transportation. Some do the family travel with us. Some even get pregnant along with us, sharing in the wonderment of growing life. 

And just like that, a new job comes along. And it sorta feels like our family is moving again even though we haven't gone anywhere.

I know that life is full of goodbyes and making new friends. I just realize that I am adjusting to the change faster than in the old days, but that doesn't mean the season of without or waiting isn't hard.

I know that God puts remarkable people in my path at times. Often strangers...people with kind faces that initiate conversation with me, while on the inside, I'm thinking Me too! Me too!

I want to ask her where she lives, where her kids go to school, and oh, by the way, could she use an extra friend. But it isn't quite that easy for me.

Do you have a picture of friendship worthy of an art gallery or are you in a season of changing friendships (or maybe both)? 

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