Monday, September 23, 2013


I’ve written maybe 5-7 blogs in the past month. I can’t believe I’m not more consistent with blogging. Or Tweeting. Or Facebook’ing.

I do what I can to throw a pregnancy status update out there or otherwise a picture of the children and/or family…to ensure folks that we’re alive and breathing and thinking on them. But fact of the matter, I have little interest in social media these days. And that scares me.

I feel I might fail the mantra I set this past year: Love. Your. Reader.

What happens when we add the next child to our brood come February? More notably, we have intentions of engaging more in the church next year – putting more emphasis on not only our immediate family, but our church family, too. All that in addition to our already busy schedule(s). Just how?

You. The one I picture sitting across the table from me, sharing some coffee and conversation. You. A willing listener of the everydayness of my journey. 

You deserve to be loved. And the last thing I want to do is abandon you. For when I was merely a stranger, you invited me into your home.

I am honored to be connected to you, my encouraging sister – you’ve blessed me this past year in more ways than I could put words to. So, when it seems as though the quiet days on All My Happy Endings turn into weeks, know that I will be back. 

I’m giving myself permission not to have it all figured out just yet. Rest assured, however, I may be absent, but I’m not gone.

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