Monday, August 19, 2013


In every situation, there are many stories being written in history as there are people being touched by the circumstance.


There’s redemption in awful circumstances to trust that God is accomplishing his purposes in you, in me.

Does it help you to know that God is accomplishing his purposes in each of them?



  1. It helps me know that. But not only is to know, but believe in God and in what can He do in my circumstances and with them. I can say that, I've been and now I am through a difficult season and I know He will accomplish His purpose in me and in my family. Sometimes I forget this and desperation comes along when I don't see answers to my prayers. It's natural, but we are called to believe beyond to what our eyes see and beyond of what we feel or think. xoxo Tayrina

  2. It is so hard to trust God during the difficult times in my life, but I do know that when I encounter those times I am on my knees praying to God. Those times remind me of my need for Him. Ultimately, I know He is in control and I can trust He is good no matter what lies before me. Thanks for this.


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