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Back in 2009 I knew BIG changes were on the horizon for me!  I was living in New York and only months away from getting my Masters degree in School Counseling.  In order to start working right away my boyfriend (now husband- who was also in the counseling program with me) and I knew that we would likely have to look out of state.  LONG story short, we did end up moving to Florida and starting a life down here. I started the blog as a way to document the entire journey as our lives evolved, and especially as a way for our family and friends to follow along.  Fun fact - my blog was also a scrapbooking blog for a while when it initially started, and it was called "A Day in the Life of Sessy"!  

It started as a hobby...and has changed over the years into so much more.  Now that I feel like I have finally found my 'niche' in the blogging world, I truly feel like my blog tells the story of my life perfectly!  I am motivated to not only cook and plan my meals, but also to live a healthier life and try new experiences!  I've also met so many wonderful people who have inspired me to learn and grow as a blogger, and as a person! 

In most cases, I first find a recipe (either from a cookbook, TV show, or online) and then I put my own spin on it.  I may change the proportions, which is easy to do since I RARELY measure….substitute ingredients, or add my own “flair.”  Sometimes the recipe is almost unrecognizable by the time I am done with it.

Plan Ahead:  This is a HUGE lifesaver for me!  I've been planning my meals for about 4 years now, and blogging about it for over a year.  Check it out:

Try New Things:  Who wants to eat the same boring meals all the time?  I'm all about adding a family favorite "to the rotation"...but branch out every often and try something new!

Keep It Simple:  Trying new things doesn't mean it needs to be difficult.  If you check out the recipes on my blog, you will see none of them are too involved.  I don't have patience AT ALL.  When it comes to cooking, I don't want to slave over the stove for hours.  Don't overcomplicate things; there are plenty of quick and easy recipes out there!

I have two accessories I cannot live without…my mini food processor, and my food scraper thingy.  I use both of these pretty much every day, they certainly make my life easier!

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