Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I seem to be having this conversation more often than not – with friends just entering the world of parenting. I suppose fellow mommy friends feel I’m all knowing in the world of raising children, since my seniority reigns at roughly 13 years. But I am hardly worthy of advice. I just know what has worked for me and my family. And the jury is still out on whether it’s actually “worked.”

Pete and I believe that our mission as parents is to raise our children filled to the brim with love, as both the giver and the receiver. But children are born sinners…it is innate to us all. So, as soon as we feel a child can decipher right from wrong, we whole-heartedly help to form and shape them to model respect and kindness. Our parenting isn’t filled with doom and gloom and constant correction, but the potential for discipline indeed hangs lowly above at all times. 

There is comfort in knowing your boundaries, and I think children thrive in an environment where expectations are clearly understood. Alongside that, we compliment our children with positive praise and encouragement, enabling them and empowering them with confidence and independence. And oh, how we fail at times – anger and frustration get the best of us. So, we pray and read and seek resolve, but most importantly we surround ourselves with people who propel us in a Godly way of parenting.

I’ve once or twice been told that we’re too hard on our children, and I do, in fact, wonder at times if maybe. But then I’m told by teachers and parents how ideal my children behave, and that squashes any doubt I may have had. Our kids might be manipulative and bratty at home, but their light shines when it counts.

What child-rearing tactics work for you and your family?


  1. I have been told I'm hard on my kids too :) However, I am always told that they have great manners, so I think I'm doing okay!

  2. Being a kindergarten teacher I am amazed at home many students walk into my classroom having hardly any experience with being held accountable. No age is too young for a child to have expectation, boundaries, and accountability- those aren't mean or harsh things.

    XOXO/Lena @ RootandBlossom


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