Thursday, July 4, 2013


I love coconut pie and hate small talk. She [my friend who shall remain unnamed] is brilliantly successful and so getting into Heaven before I do. But we’re friends for more than 15 years, two Starbuck’s drinking, maxi-dress-wearing, child-rearing friends…both on a spiritual journey together.

What we both know is that faith-filled friendship is more about sharing the rough-and-tumble of ordinary life than practicing spiritual piety. We are both people we want to learn from. And though we rarely get to spend time together due to miles between us, we part feeling inspired in our faith and our souls nourished. No doubt about it!

You know how hypnotizing Facebook can be -- making one’s imperfect world appear perfect and idealistic – surrounded by seemingly happy, devoted people (typically drinking buddies) that apparently love and adore him/her? More times than none, as soon as he/she gets married, starts a family, and/or reacquaints his/her relationship with Christ, those friends usually trickle to few. Sometimes none.

Like my pastor says "those aren't real friends. They're people propping up each others sin."

A real friend is a person who only wants the best for you. A real friend genuinely wishes for your happiness and well being. A real friend would be happy if you are happy in a romantic relationship, job, with other friendships and endeavors. A real friendship has depth. Has a common denominator…Christ.

So, don’t be fooled, my friend. We are meant for more than virtual friendships. Just because someone “likes” all your photos and statuses, feels the need to post on social media the slightest things you do together because they feel they have something to prove, it’s usually for selfish desires and personal pleasure. And selfish gains are hallmarks of a not-so-real friendship. 

Start by asking God to put people in your life that’ll inspire your faith and nourish your soul. And be persistent about putting yourself in the presence of people you want to learn from—even if they're different from you.

I can’t prove this, but I have a notion that we haven’t yet met some of the people who will end up being some of our closest friends.

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