Monday, July 29, 2013

{meet my guest} SEA SALT & CARAMELZ

Hello there, I'm Sonya, living in California but a European girl through and through. I thought long and hard about how I would introduce myself in this post and struggled to find an idea that would showcase my blog and my personality. I spent a majority of my time looking at how others decided to present themselves and realized that most centered it around a passion or business that had brought to life there blogs. 

Insert a moment of serious panic and anxiety, as I realized, I had neither. This lead to some amount of introspection into what I wanted my blog to be and if I would ever truly thrive in the blogging world without a "niche" or business behind the blog. Considering that I had to write this post, I was forced to push this long inner discussion aside and focus into typing something up. This is usually how things start with me: research; inner discussion; serious procrastination; draft; more procrastination; final draft. The reason I procrastinate is not because I'm not organized but rather because I'm a perfectionist at heart (with a slight case of OCD, my magazines are organized by genre and date, while my clothes are color coordinated) and will never start a project unless I know how I will end it.  I finally decided that the best way for you to get to know me was to let you follow along my stream of consciousness. Bare with me, I've mastered the art of tangentry (is that even a word? perhaps it is spelled: tangent-ry).

Proof: I've written a long paragraph without mentioning my blog. (I'd write another to justify that but I'm not here to bore you) 

When it comes to blogging I try to touch on a variety of subjects not to try to grab as many readers as possible (but I guess that is definitely a perk) rather because it is a reflection of my eclectic taste and interests. Because of my unique heritage I have had the opportunity to travel in France, Italy, Tunisia and Mexico and the lists of places I wish to explore is never ending.  I'm lucky enough to have relatives in those countries which enables me to return on a regular basis to visit them. I'm a big believer in the notion that the knowledge you acquire through travel is precious and priceless.

Food is my jam....did you catch that pun? My mother is Italian and French and through her I fell in love with food and the arts. I've always had a sweet tooth, mainly for chocolate. My belief is that you could add chocolate to absolutely anything and it would instantly make it better and I mean anything. Don't worry though, the recipes I share on my blog are not even remotely related to chocolate covered green beans, I'm not that evil :) Something I realized recently, when my friend came to stay with me in Paris, is that rather  then telling her we should visit this or see this I would say "O there's this restaurant I want to bring you to" or "There's a little place a few blocks away that makes the best magret de canard" I connect places with food. 

As I grew up I would always envy my sisters closet. It symbolized everything I had always loved in fashion: maturity, simplicity and the monochrome look. I have always leaned toward the preppy look, not perhaps not as "preppy" as you'll find in Vogue magazines but I'm definitely a blazer and blouse kind of girl. If I had to describe my wardrobe it would be simple, versatile and classy. When I do outfit posts or share my favorite items of the week you can quickly spot that trend. 

Something I have not explored fully in my blog but definitely love is the realm of cosmetics. I've been watching make-up tutorials for as long as I have had access to a computer; and unfortunately, my skills  have only barely improved (whenever I play with eyeshadow I end up giving myself the dreaded black eye look). Though my skills may be mediocre, at best, my passion started (and still is) in skincare. One must care for the inside rather then covering up the outside. A book I found indispensable was written by Kat James: The truth about beauty, it's fantastic and I recommend it to everyone. 

I feel like I've rambled on enough, what do you think? I hope I have been able to give you a glimpse into who I am, hopefully I made you smile while I tried. Candid, is really who I am, and that is what you will find on my blog. I would love to get to know you, please pop on over and say hi.

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  1. I have a huge sweet tooth too :) I'm half Italian and half Irish. My grandmother made great Italian food growing up!


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