Thursday, July 11, 2013

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i've been dying to try these red wine fudgesicles for the longest time but, alas, i don't own popsicle tray. so instead, i decided to make an ice cream variation! we make ice cream a lot in this house and i've been trying to come up with a new and exciting recipe (we do a lot of chocolate and vanilla).

chocolate red wine ice cream

8 egg yolks
1.5 cups sugar
16oz half and half
½ cup cocoa
4oz semisweet chocolate
16oz heavy cream
1 tbsp vanilla extract
4oz wine
1oz basalmic vinegar
makes about 2 quarts

mix egg yolks, sugar and half and half in a medium saucepan on medium heat (or in a double broiler). as the mixture is being heated, add in cocoa and chocolate until thick and creamy. continue heating until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. be careful not to boil. remove from heat and add the heavy cream. refrigerate for at least two hours.  


then, stir in vanilla extract and transfer to ice cream maker.  follow your ice cream maker's instructions. in the last five minutes of freezing, add the red wine and balsamic vinegar. the ice cream is ready to enjoy now but i like to freeze it over night to make it a more 'ice creamy' texture. but if soft-serve is your thing then go right ahead! 

chocolate red wine ice cream

note: since the wine is added post-freeze, this ice cream is an alcoholic treat! please enjoy responsibly.

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  1. I love that it uses balsamic vinegar. It is so great in so many dishes, yum :)


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