Saturday, July 13, 2013


I love how your favorite songs are the ones you claim to find little snippets of me somewhere in them.

I said this before, and it is worth repeating...I never really thought I'd find someone like YOU. I hoped...of course I did. 

I still wasn't sure what that hope would look like in reality. But, now that it's here right in front of me, and I am now just beginning to understand how truly wonderful it is to have someone completely speak my "language", well I'd do anything to keep that and build on it. 

I will give it every chance you’re willing to give me.


  1. I love these quotes! & that picture of you and your husband is precious! Have a great Saturday Mandi!

  2. this is a sweet picture and I love the quotes. They both say alot. :D

  3. So sweet. What a great photo :)


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