Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Our 2-year is quite energetic. As much as any 2-year old, I presume. He’s busy exploring this world and living life to the fullest. Sometimes, I fall back into my chair and mutter, “Can you just be still for 5 minutes?”

I want to cuddle with him more often. Wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. Rub his back and run my fingers through his beautiful blonde locks. And then I realize…he’s just like me – never wants to sit still – always wants to DO something. 

I wonder if God feels this way with me. Wanting me to be still – to revel in His love. To hear Him say “you are special and I love you.”


  1. OOoo, great comparison! I am sure He does... that is so the heart of the Father!

  2. Ya'll are the best - thank you for those sweet words!


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