Thursday, June 13, 2013


People want to talk about things. They want to relate and live in community and converse and be together. Sometimes they just need a place to do it – to get the conversation started, a platform that allows them to linger and find one another.

My intention for this blog was not get a lot of subscribers for numbers sake, though I’ve been fortunate in doing so anyway. My goal still exists, however – I want readers to subscribe because they see All My Happy Endings as a place to relate to and live in community.

I write from my personal perspective and I hope people will see something hopeful in the words, something that perhaps calls courage out from places within that have been forgotten. I kindly ask my readers to venture into the lives of other bloggers, shop owners, and even commenters…click on their links and take a peek of their world. You might realize it’s easier to connect than you thought it might be. Truth being, if you’re here and they’re here, you both might have something in common.

Are you waiting for someone else to reach out to you? If so, what it’s they’re waiting for YOU?

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