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My name is Lix, I'm twenty-three years old and I live in a small town in Spain - where I was born and raised. I'm a bit of a "girl exhibits remarkable intelligence at early age and fails to live up to expectations" story - it was all fine (and quite focused on mathematics, which I still love) and then my anxiety became full-blown tachycardia, and everything went downhill from there. I did finish high school with a B+, went off to college, moved into a dorm, dropped out largely due to social anxiety. Went to college again, this time in my hometown, dropped out because my parents were both unemployed and I couldn't pay for it.

In a big way, Lix Hewett Photography was born out of a desire to get my life back on track and gain some sort of financial stability doing something I loved. If you look at the job postings here in Spain right now, it's all door-to-door marketing - and if living in a dorm got the best of my social anxiety, the idea of convincing strangers to hire me to convince other strangers to buy things I don't believe in - you can imagine.

But photography - and graphic design and fashion and art, in an overarching way - I do believe in.

I started doing photography when I was a teenager. I got a cheap camera because I wanted to share photos of my life with my online friends, and it just clicked for me. I'm a very visual person, and the joy of holding a camera in my hands and being able to capture a scene, an image exactly the way I see it - to draw its beauty through a lens - it's exhilarating. I got a better camera when I was away at college (the first time!), before things got truly bad financially for my family, and it's been at my side ever since. I'm a compulsive shooter - I shoot first and think later. In that sense, and given my budget, digital has always made more sense to me. It doesn't hurt that the Internet gave me a way to express myself and find likeminded people when I was a teen that I couldn't seem to find in my offline life.

Many of the photographs you see in my shop were taken in 2007 and 2008, in England, on two three-week trips I took there on scholarships the ministry offered to encourage students to learn English. I've actually never felt as at home in Spain as I did when I was in the UK - which is one of the reasons I want to move there, soon. That, and there are actual job ads asking for my skills - I do product photography as well as fine art - there! Kind of a shock after browsing local listings. ;)

Aside from photography, I'm passionate about several other arts - I have some graphic design experience, though my slow, old laptop makes it hard to work on that; I'm a poet and a writer; I'm an avid reader, especially of young adult fiction; I like to play guitar and sing, though I'm not very good at it. I love fashion and have actually been designing clothes, without making them happen, my whole life. I love TV and I love engaging with it critically while still enjoying it on an emotional level, and in fact many of the designs I've got planned for my clothing line are inspired by (and named after) TV characters.

I'm going to share a bit of an oddball quote with you - I've got part of it engraved on my iPod, and it's from a poem I wrote when I was sixteen. It goes,

they told me the rain would come,
and I believed them.

I always believe things that are wrong
or that don't make sense.
there's a sort of excitement in impossibility
as understood by hope—
it revels in anticipation.


they say I'm mad as a hatter, and I
tell them I'm as sane as alice—
and they say I'm lost in fantasy,
like it's a bad thing.

they are lost in this world
and its limits, my mom says;
she begs me to aim for the seasons
like she once forgot.

so I go outside and wait on the old swing of
our backyard
till the green covers the wood
and the garden gnomes are fed to look after
the sky while I sleep,
in case a storm catches an airplane
or enfolds a train.

and they tell me the rain is coming, and I believe them,
because it is the time of march moss.

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