Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{meet my guest} KATHERINE'S CORNER

I’m pleased to introduce my new friend and this month’s sponsor, Katherine (aka Katie). This woman juggles a lot – home life, a blog, two Etsy shops, and she’s a crafter extraordinaire – Katherine is an inspiring woman! Need a custom blog design? Click HERE. Getting married and need keepsakes and mementos? ClickHERE. Looking for new and delicious recipes? Katherine’s got you covered there, too. Click HERE.


Q // Why did you start blogging and how did you come up with its title?
A // A rejection letter from a publisher got me started. It was a nice rejection though, not your standard fill in the blank with the authors name ( I have a few of those too) It read something like this-, “ loved your writing, the photographs are beautiful, but…we are not taking on any unknown authors at this time.” So Katherine’s Corner was born.

Q // Has being a blogger changed your life or the way you do/see things?  Explain how. 
A // Being a blogger brings me even more joy, than my life has already blessed me with. You can never have too much joy. Have you ever heard of anyone having joy overload? Giggle.. I have always been someone who shares what I know. I am very social and the friendships I have made while blogging have a special place in my heart. Some of my bloggy friends are my best friends.

Q // What's your top 5 beauty/health/lifestyle must-haves?
A // Beauty-moisturizer and mascara, lifestyle - spirituality, love, friendship.

Q // What’s something you like to do to pamper yourself? 
A // A classic film and a bowl of popcorn always help to create wonderful relaxing down time.

Q // Who’s your biggest inspiration?
A // I cannot select only one inspiration. I am inspired every day by people who persevere against the most difficult of situations and adverse circumstances.

Q // Briefly identify something unique about you.
A // I have a dual citizenship with the UK and the US and I am a proud citizen of both :-)
You can keep up with Katie on all of her social sites…


  1. thank you so much Mandi! Big Smooches!!!

  2. She is my friend too! And I love her heart, thanks for putting her up here Mandi. And thanks for having a great heart Katie!

  3. Katherine is such a sweet lady! and a wonderful friend! =)
    Wonderful interview!

    1. Thank you sweet Melissa, xo

    2. No doubt -- she is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

  4. Mandi, it is nice to see Katherine featured. She is such a wonderful and talented lady.

    1. I'm the lucky one -- Katherine is a tender soul -- she radiates love and warmth! I'm fortunate to know her!


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