Thursday, June 6, 2013

{meet my guest} CARAVAN SONNET

I would like to introduce to you today my friend, Rebecca, and sister in Christ. This girl's an inspiration – how’s she risen above trials and tribulations with joy and grace. She speaks to health topics such as Lyme disease, endometriosis, and skin cancer to fashion, crafting and photography. Though Rebecca had me at the word “thrifting” – that’s when I knew I loved her. Lol! Please take a moment to meet Rebecca and leave her a little love in the comments section below. xoxo, Mandi


Q // Why did you start blogging and how did you come up with its title?

A // Hi y’all! My name is Rebecca and I blog over at Caravan Sonnet. I am a thirty-something single gal who loves Jesus, life, and all things pretty as I spend life in the sweet south and the lovely upstate New York. While I didn’t post my first “official post” until the end of January 2013 I had been thinking, planning out, and praying about starting a personal blog for about a year. After I took a break from teaching high school my health started to rapidly decline. Due to this I was looking for a way to more deeply connect with others. My specific desire and goal had been to inspire ad encourage people to see the promise of hope in everyday and I hoped to create a community of friendships through writing. I love writing and have always loved the word "sonnet" ... the first name of my blog:"caravan" came about by combining letters of my first and last name. I loved the personal aspect of the name plus the idea of creating a beautiful life journey or caravan. *smiles*

Q // Has being a blogger changed your life or the way you do/see things?  Explain how.. 

A // Blogging has made me more aware of the details in life... and never to miss out on the little things that happen each day. Another aspect of blogging that I have loved is the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.

Q // What's your top 5 beauty/health/lifestyle must-haves?

A // *sleep *vitamins *organic food *drinking lots of water each day *spending time meditating on scripture

Q // What’s something you like to do to pamper yourself?

A // I love having the opportunity to have a mani/pedi. I haven't done this recently and need to do this soon! I also have been researching the benefits of massage and love having an excuse to have more massages!

Q // Who’s your biggest inspiration?

A // My family is truly my biggest inspiration I am so blessed that they are truly my amazing tribe!

Q // Briefly identify something unique about you.

A // I am 6 ft. 3 and was never a basketball player... I actually was a cheerleader!

You can keep up with Rebecca on all of her social sites…


  1. Warmth and love radiate from your smile in the top pic! I love the word picture your create with caravan referring to our journey through life and those we meet along the way. Although I don't blog I enjoy those that I have 'met' through reading blogs that I never would have come into contact with IRL.

  2. I love all your pictures on Wordless Wednesday, what a fabulous idea! Folllowing you from the Blog Hop :)


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