Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My blog is my story, or more so a chronicle of our adventures. I can’t think of any better way to affect people than by being personal and real. But lately my blog doesn’t feel personal or real enough to me. It should have all the color and chaos of a real diary, but it feels like I’m following a formula. With blogging do's and don'ts and giveaways and tutorials and link-ups and similar content that lives on all the other blogs out there, I feel I'm falling in line, instead of at the end of the limb where I feel I should be.

I try not to be guarded with my words, but I am scared somewhat to be blatantly open and honest. I talk mostly of things I find beautiful, but sometimes I wish to share the dark and dingy parts of life. I won't always stick to topics I think my followers will enjoy. In other words, I’m writing for myself and if I didn't, that is where the warmth of AMHE would trickle out.

So here’s my heart. I'm going to promote an occasional giveaway, and I'm going to continue to support my favorite link-up, but I am going to write this blog from the deepest parts of my heart and I hope you find refuge here. The internet is a big place, with many voices and this one's mine.

Thank you for spending time in my world.

Oh, and on a lighter note, here's a photo that I'd like for you to look for on HGTV. They've asked to use this photo in their #LOVEHOME campaign, and I couldn't be more excited to potentially see my little sweeties flash before my eyes...during and between House Hunters International and Hawaii Life episodes.

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