Monday, June 24, 2013


This past week Ady from When In Doubt Just Add Glitter 
reached 500 friends on her blog
and she's super pumped about it!!

To celebrate and thank her readers, she has teamed up with some of her favorite bloggers to have a huge giveaway!  

One lucky winner will gain 6,000 new twitter followers!!
How amazing is that? Valued at over $2,000!!!

*still scratching your head? keep reading...

So I want everyone to scream for joy and enter the giveaway below!!!

You can check out each blog by clicking on their name below the picture, and enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter below.

  Please take a moment to show these women some love!  
Ady // Yesi // Marquis // Jennifer // Emily
Misty // Sarah // Jackie // Krystal // Rebecca
Cassie // Chelsee // Brooke // Pakize // Breanna
Sarah-Louise  // Dara // Gayle // Sarah // Pamela
Can Vir Ries // Leisure // Alex // Chloe // Amanda

        Erin // Merchon // Jessica & Hilary // Lyndi // Hollie
Mandi // Shane // Lo // Kali // Taber

Want to SWAPHead on over and grab a spot!
All ad spots are 50% off this week using the code GLITTERBOMB

Thank you to all the wonderful people that take the time out of their day to read my blog!
I love all my new blog friends!

So for those of you wondering... Ady, How do you giveaway 6,000 followers???
Well I'll tell you...
it's a little secret businesses use to increase their online presence, gain credibility, and look more established.  They pay someone to help them get their business out there. 

Say you're current twitter followers are at 25... I'll increase that to 6,025 plus a little extra! ;)
When you win all I need is your twitter handle.  No password necessary.
I will then find relevant followers to follow you.  
  Disclaimer: I am not promising they will continue to follow you for years to come... that's your job.  But I will get them there. 

**** I help businesses gain followers on Facebook, instagram, twitter, retweets, youtube, vimeo, and pinterest so if you don't win but you're interested in my services please email me.

An impressive Twitter followers count can do wonders to your online presence, whether you want to showcase your Twitter follower count on your website, on your blog or on the Twitter profile page itself. It shows your influence. It shows how many people are eager to hear from you and follow your updates. A greater number of Twitter followers achieves multiple things for you:
  • It acts as an endorsement and more prospective followers feel encouraged to follow you.
  • The more followers you have the greater number of prospective customers and clients you have.
  • More followers means you can promote your products and services in front of a greater number of people.
  • You are considered to be more influential by your peers.
  • If you are a social media marketing company your prospective clients will have more confidence in your abilities.

  • Now this is going to be an aggressive contest!  I mean how could I say no to all those beautiful ladies above?  I couldn't.  So now's your chance to rack up all the entries humanly possible!
    Remember the more entries the have the more your odds of winning increase!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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