Saturday, May 25, 2013


Good morning! Writing here has sure wakened up a part of my soul. I sincerely hope that you find comfort and interest and community here. I’m enjoying my spiritual friendship with you, and learning each and every day what that really means. Still, I question if I have the grace to be who I am, and the tenderness to be what you need? 

This time of year represents transition for a lot of you – graduations, weddings, the end of school, the beginning of something new. Maybe you’re grieving a loss, a move, a heartbreak. Maybe you’re asking what in the world is going on in your own life. No matter the circumstance, rehearse the things you know for sure – nothing can separate you from Christ’s love.

+ With that being said, #PrayForOklahoma.

+ Our plate has been quite full, also. Every weekend has been filled with travel, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and the like. You might have read about my anniversary HERE and saw the first take HERE of our trip to Cocoa Beach, FL. In fact, I’ve decided to start posting Wordless Wednesday again – the next 6-8 weeks are locked and loaded with photos with some of our recent adventures. I sure hope you enjoy them!
I had a couple of guests visit me this week – did you meet Kenzie and Andrea? Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with these two beautiful hearts. Personally, I’m so grateful they came into my life.

+ I shared a real treat with you HERE – a way to make money shopping. This is not a joke. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity, which is totally free to you!

+ Speaking of shopping, Sundays are now dedicated to ‘things’ I’m loving right now – products, clothes, styles, etc  -- a sequence of posts I’m calling Lovely Little Things. Click HERE to view the 1st post of the series. Of course, however, you can always find me on Pinterest HERE and view my real-time pinnings.

+ Oh, and don't miss this Nordstrom gift card giveaway I'm co-hosting with Pink on the Cheek!

+ Have you heard of Zulily yet? I mean, of course you have. I’m certain to be the one falling behind the times. Well, there’s something for everyone – phone cases, diapers from the Honest Co., rugs even, to maternity and kids’ apparel. There’s a new sale every day on boutique brands, though most of them last only 72 hours. 

Have a exciting, and safe, Memorial Day weekend, lovelies!


  1. New BLOGLOVIN follower here from your blog hop! I have heard of Zulily! But have yet to check it out! It is on my list of things to do for sure! :)

  2. Oh! So awesome. The style, the color......Was so happy to see that the jacket I ordered from was exactly the same sheepskin jackets I have had. This jacket really looks sharp on me.

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