Saturday, May 11, 2013


life……goes by in a hurry

last night I thought of my grandmother and how quickly she was taken from me

it’s just so sad

i wish i would have been present more often to rub her back in her last year; she loved that

a life lesson came to me, really a parenting lesson i suppose

you see, growing up, some of my VERY fondest memories are with my grandmother

she lived within minutes of me, on a quiet cul-de-sac street with 100 year old trees

wood paneled walls, 60’s style furniture

dishes washed by hand, coffee always brewing

there was nothing visibly exciting about her home, only a few toys….if that

and i craved being there. i was there ALL THE TIME

i have told many, that my fondest memories of childhood were with her

what made my life so special with them? they were PRESENT

she never played games with me, or gave me advice. i don’t recall playing with toys or having any deep

conversations really. she never got angry with me

my “nanny”

she lived a simple life and included me in her daily routine, whatever that may have been

we would walk the yard looking for pecans, she always had a deck of cards for me to play solitaire, and bought me ice cream every day after school

i would watch wheel of fortune at the same time, every day, and she always knew the answer before I did

her home was quiet – i can remember the sound of clocks ticking

i always slept with her in her bed

she was never more than 10 ft from me at any given point

i was never a bother, i felt special in her home in fact.

the greatest lesson she has taught me is to be simply present and content {which i have to work on daily}

to include my children in the ordinary and accept them the way they are

to be gentle

to show love

and not criticize their every move

she left me with a feeling of love and acceptance

and yet all she was……….was present

simple. loving. present

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