Monday, May 6, 2013


A few things I'd love to do this year:

-Think about what other people might need & help them out more.  I want to be more in tune with the needs of the people in my circle - family, friends, neighbors, etc.  It's so easy to just keep life on the surface and dash off to do something else. I guess I just want to be a better friend. 

-Tackle my closets and reduce my belongings! I love being a minimalist, which means a LOT needs to go......

-Stay in touch better with my friends & family in different parts of the country/world.

-Read, read, read.  I don't read enough these days!  My brain cells need it!  It seems the days just fly by and I never sit down to read. 

-RUN or WALK's so good for the soul.

-Paddleboard often with my husband. 

-Get back into pilates or yoga  Don't you think I should be doing yoga?  Yes, I know.

-Perfect using our camera - cause I'm worthless on that thing.  :)

-Discover new bike trails. There are too many stones unturned.

-Run regularly with my daughter. 

-Take a trip with my beloved. South America maybe. 

-Continue sharing a message of hope with as many people as I can. 
-Have less filler posts like this one.  haha!


  1. Filler posts are good :) Great goals...I have a couple of the same.

  2. I've been thinking about getting rid of Facebook but if I do, I need to be better about staying in touch with people in other ways... we shall see!

    1. My husband says we should rid of FB, too, but I think I've pulled enough weeds and made my content private enough that riff-raff doesn't harass me. Because I truly feel that FB has been a blessing by way of re-conecting me with childhood friends that I may not have rediscovered otherwise.

  3. Those are some great, inspiring goals! Hmm... you've inspired us to write some goals of our own! We stopped by from the Wondering Brain's blog party and LOVE what we see! Yup, we're your new fans! Following you!

    Feel free to check out our blog if you have time!

    Cayla and Ashley

    1. You're too sweet -- thanks, ladies! I'm so so intrigued by the double-the-pleasure blog hosts -- heading over to check you out!

  4. I love yoga and pilates. I always feel so much better after taking those classes!

    1. "I feel horrible after an hour of yoga," say no one ever! :-)

  5. Hi Mandi! Thanks for stopping by my blog from the blog hop! I'm excited to have you as a follower. I am a new follower of yours through bloglovin' If you would like to be a sponsor on my blog, feel free to stop by:


  6. a LOT needs to go - I need to work on this one.

    slehan at juno dot com


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