Thursday, May 23, 2013


Reef is beginning to speak in phrases. It is bittersweet. It reminds me that he is not a little baby any more.
I love looking at his profile. Our bed parallels with a wall of windows, so the sun can shine on the silhouette of our bodies.

Most days I feel like I have too many responsibilities and too little time. I know I could be more productive during the day.

It’s easy to forget what is most important in my life. Not those emails, blog posts or images, but my family. I’m discovering how to appreciate what I have in each moment, not mourn what I don’t.

Yesterday I heard a little’s cry and slipped into our dark, warm bedroom. I curled around my little boy’s body and he scooted even closer. I was grateful that he needed wanted me. Soon enough he won’t.

Running is so bad on my knees. And boring. Knowing it’s something she loves, I do it with my daughter. To be near her.

The eldest is not home much anymore. You probably remember what it was like to be 13. And lost…trying to find your way. I find that I make eye contact with him more. What he has to say is important, since I don’t hear his voice as much anymore.

Me and the mister are almost always together. It’s the way it’s been since we first met. If we’re ever apart we take time to brief the other on every conversation, thought and event that happened in the other’s absence.

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