Thursday, May 9, 2013


Mother's Day is around the corner, and in light of this special day, I've asked my sponsors this month to share their most memorable mom moment, either with their own mother or with their children. Here's what they had to say...

Kenzie @ The Ashcraft Bunch
"My most impactful mom memory was that my mom was always my support system. I always felt like I could talk to her and that she would support me in my decisions and give me advice on things she didn't agree with. I hope that I will always be supportive of my daughter, Paisley. That she will see me as her shoulder to lean on and her source of support. To this day I still go to my mom with questions and concerns and advice especially for parenting!"

Andrea @ Li’l Peeps
"My most impactful mom moment was when my little girl was born!  She is only eight months old now and I hope to create many impactful moments with her.  I definitely want to teach her to sew, which is something my mother has taught me, but most importantly, I desire to teach her about her Creator, who gave His life for her.  I just want her to know that God is real and that He desires a personal relationship with her!!  I can't imagine anything that would be more impactful than that!!"

Jessica @ The Wondering Brain
As a mom, I learned a lot about being a mom from my own mother. What I loved about my mom was her talks with me about her growing up. My mom is from the Philippines, and she was the 4th child of 10 in her family. To hear what she had to do to help her family out is the one conversation that stood out the most. As one of the oldest, she had to help her siblings to get ready for school by dressing them, feeding them, and making sure they made it to class. Since the PI is a 3rd world country, she also had to help her family by working @ such a young age. She would help her mom with laundering other people's clothes or help her dad with selling cigarettes, sodas, or whatever it was her dad has a surplus of.  It is her stories of growing up that pushed me to do better in my lifetime.

Alli @ Misfit Isle
I'm a lucky gal, I have one amazing mama. But I think the most impacting moment I've had with my mother happened quiet recently. Max and I had been talking about adoption a lot, we weren't sure when would be the right time to start the process and so on, but it was heavy on our hearts. We had decided not to tell anyone until we were sure, but I did sneak a little mention that we were thinking about it on my blog. When I flew home for Christmas a few weeks later my mama picked me up at the airport. Once we got in the car after our squeals of excitement she mentioned casually that last night she was watching a special on foster kids and adoption. She told me how amazing the stories were and how many times it brought her to tears. Without prying or asking questions, my sweet mother was letting me that when I was ready to talk she would be there and that she supported our adopting with all of her heart. Her support, even when I didn't ask her for it, means the world to me. It makes me strong and keeps me going.

Patricia @ The DIY Frenchie
When I first moved to France, I didn't know anyone. The only contact I had was an e-mail address that a professor from my home university had given me. I was just 19 years old and very much on my own for the first couple of weeks. Luckily, this sweet lady at my church took notice of me and decided to "adopt" me. During the first few months my French was terrible, and we could barely understand each other. But she invited me to eat dinner with her family every Sunday and took good care of me anyways. At one point she even helped me change apartments, because she didn't think I was safe enough in the neighborhood where I was living. She quickly became my "French mom."
Funnily enough, it was through these dinners and activities with her family that I met her very handsome son, who is now my husband. That sweet lady, who decided to love me and take such good care of me when I really needed someone, is now my mother-in-law. I love her as much as I love my own mother (who is also a pretty awesome lady!).

Erin @ Mr. & Mrs. Toews
I do not have any kids of my own, but on this Mother's Day I remember many times my mom & I have shared. She always sacrificed so much, including her own sanity, for us kids. And she always did so with such a beautiful smile. A couple years ago, my mother survived a stoke and I took some time off to care for her. During those months, the two of us grew to love each other so much more. I would say the best memories I have with her are the times were we can laugh and laugh until we cry, despite the hard time that she went through. Love you Mom!

Hanna @ Violet Lulu
"There have been lots and lots of moments during both of my girls' lives that have made me stop and think "wow, I'm someone's MUM, that's huge!" and I hope that all of them have been and will have an impact on my kids but the one that keeps coming back to whack me in the face every so often is this: The moment, 4 days after my first daughter was born, when I stepped out of the cab that took us home from the hospital, baby in portable bassinet and walked through the door of our home. None of our family had arrived from interstate yet and it was finally just the three of us, no nurses or midwives, no doctors, no other patients, just my partner, our baby and me. I picked her up out of the bassinet and cuddled her close, then I looked around to see who would tell me what to do next and I realised there was no one. I looked back down at her and realised that for all of her days, even after she thinks she doesn't need me so much anymore (because she will) SHE would be looking to ME to help her figure out what to do next. I think that was the first time that the magnitude of being a mum really sunk it. It was the most incredible feeling."
Samantha @ Hooah & Hiccups
"Giving birth was the most amazing experience of my life. There's nothing like holding your little guy or girl for the first time. The love you feel is so strong....and you've JUST met! Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I've ever done and I can't wait to have more babies!"

Wow, what an incredible group of ladies! I'm honored to have them sponsor my sidebar this month. Please be sure and give them a sweet hello!


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  4. Loved this! So fitting with Mother's Day just around the corner. You can read my thoughts about Mother's Day on our blog... It is a little too long for this post haha :) So glad I just found your blog, you are the cutest! Can't wait to see what else you are up to :) Happy Thursday!

    xoxo Jamie


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