Monday, May 20, 2013


I am super excited to introduce you to another of our super amazing sponsors, Kenzie, author of The Ashcraft Bunch blog!!! She’s beautiful on the inside just as she is on the outside, and has the cutest little girl named Paisley. Seriously, the cutest name, right?! She recently shared her front door pinspiration with us and you should check her super awesome post If Blogging Didn't Exist.


Q // Why did you start blogging and how did you come up with it’s title? 
A // I started blogging as a way for our friends and family to keep up with us in a more unique way instead of Facebook. I also love to write!

I wanted my blog name to be personable and after all this blog is about us so I chose to put our last name "Ashcraft" in it so it would represent each member of our "bunch."

Q // Has being a blogger changed your life or the way you do/see things?  Explain how.. 
A // Absolutely! I have met SO many sweet ladies who have became good friends of mine. I get a lot of inspiration from several blogs I follow from cooking to parenting to marriage. I love how close knit the blogging community and it's platform of support and love. A lot of the lovely women I have met have changed my life in so many ways and are amazing prayer warriors while Zack and I have been in and out of the hospital with our daughter Paisley. 

Q // What's your top 5 beauty/health/lifestyle must-haves?
A // Beauty: Lip gloss, mascara, curling iron, hair spray, & blush.
       Health: My water bottle, weight watchers app, Brooks running shoes, My Health Cookbook, and nike 
       dry fit shorts.
       Lifestyle: Planner, iPhone, Purse, Cute Shoes, & a good book to read.

Q // What’s something you like to do to pamper yourself?
A // As far as pampering is concerned, nothing is better than a pedicure and massage. :)

Q // Who’s your biggest inspiration?
A // My biggest inspiration is my husband. God blessed me with the most amazing, supportive, and encouraging spouse. He lifts me up daily and is such a leader in our home. He is my best friend and the sweetest man I know. He has an amazing testimony and I love not only that he is my husband but that he is Paisley's father too. We are both lucky girls.

You can keep up with Kenzie on all of her social sites…

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