Sunday, May 12, 2013


People talk about my mother all the time. And I think, "What impressions she must’ve left."

…my mom used to wake up in the mornings, singing and dancing in her pajamas.
…my mom loved talking on the phone with her friends and family.
…my mom was always found laughing, or at least smiling.
…my mom doted over her children.

Today I’m supposed to answer interview questions with my mom, in conjunction with the May is  for Moms link-up. About how my mother felt when she discovered she was pregnant with me, her pregnancy experience, and memories of my childhood. 

Time passes and with it goes the birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, new babies, first steps, new jobs, residential moves, even hair color changes. And each milestone is a mile more in the road that we don’t walk together.

If you are, too, let me take your hand. Let the part of you that never got to grow up with a mom cry if she needs to. You are beautiful and loved.

So let us celebrate this day together. Whisper into the comments below what you remember, what you miss, what you loved, what makes you your mother’s daughter. And today I will pause to think on you, and rejoice with you, my beautiful friend!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Now it's your turn. Link up your answers to the questions so that everyone can enjoy your answers as well. You don't have to follow me or any of the other hosts to link up, but we would love if you could send out a quick tweet to help spread the word.

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