Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The best days are the ones where there isn’t a single scribble on the calendar.   
Long mornings in pj’s. 
We ignore the rest of the world while we devour cookies at 10am because no good cartoon should be enjoyed without chocolate goodness.
We roll miniature cars down the slide, and make animal sounds as we crawl around the floor.
We make up silly songs and dance in the kitchen while lunch heats up.
And somewhere between giggles and our cat spazzing around the house, we get sleepy.
Then retreat to your room where you pick your 3 favorite books and throw them in my lap. I cringe at your choices, but it’s ok.
We plop in that big, cozy recliner…and rock away, reading the same 3 books 10 times or more.
I put my all into every word, making different voices for all of the characters. I listen to you laugh and question and even start making up your own version of the story.
You snuggle in closer and I squeeze you tighter.
Sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to just sink my everything into a single moment with you; to forget the ”to do” lists floating in my mind that forces me to rapidly whip through book pages.
These stories, the ones you love to get swept up in,  lose their emotion,  their vitality, and their whimsical way of sparking your imagination all because I’ve got something do to the minute I finish this book.
But on these days, all we have is time together.
These moments center me and reminds me what is most important.
This is my favorite time with you.
A Momma and her son.

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