Saturday, May 18, 2013


Panky and I have been married 1 year today! Together 4 years this month. But how did this happen?! I mean, we agree it seems we’ve known each forever. But most of the time it feels shorter. Like we’re just getting familiar with one another…nervousness, butterflies and all. Although, we ARE parents to an-almost 2 year old so I guess I should expect this.

How we met was so simplistic -- through mutual friends. Yet, why we were so cosmically drawn to one another, I will never have answers for. A relationship was the last thing on my "to do" list, as was his. All I knew was I had to at least give it a chance and it took a lot of persistent coercing on his part. But it was the best risk I ever took. You hear people say “when you know, you just know” and I never could make sense of that until Peter. I just always knew. I was pulled to him by some magnetic force that I had never before experienced. Even before I loved him, I loved him. There always was a spot inside of me, just waiting to be filled by him. And I’ve never needed anything else since.

He's always said I saved him. I don't possibly see how, when I was the one broken and lost. But what they say is true, "when you're not looking for love, it will find you."
Like any marriage, there's compromise and sacrifice. He compromises his food so that I can have more on my plate (I get kinda snippy when I’m hungry, okay?), and I sacrifice a clean bathroom so that he can shave his virile, hairy chest face.

There are some things I've taught him. For instance, Olive Garden is not the end-all in Italian dining. This, he did not know to be true in 2009 when we first met. He hadn't really been to many fancy restaurants downtown, foodie' places, or eaten much sushi for that matter -- I have definitely expanded his horizons when it comes to his dining palette. Pete thought dressing up for a date was wearing jeans and a graphic tee. I know, I know. A guy with such good looks can't be wasted on logo wear and outfits bought at Kohls. I've expanded his wardrobe now too. He looks like any red-carpet-walking-downtown strutting guy…when he wants to.
And even though he can drive me to crazy town sometimes, I'm still bananas for him. He gives me a lot of freedom. A lot of expression. He humors my 'whims' often. Sometimes, though, he does stupid stuff like take me out on date night with the gas gauge nearly on 'empty', which he knows by now...that it totally irks me. He knows it still makes me bonkers driving on empty, but he does it anyway.
But here is what makes me love him and even fold his underpants -- He's an AWESOME HUSBAND and EXTRAORDINARY DAD. He works hard for his family. He loves the Lord. He obsesses over cooking, school events, and home projects. He's very thorough, analytical and calculating. But he’s also a spontaneous, throw me on the counter make all sorts of sweet love to me, kind of guy. (And that's okay, the counters are pretty cluttered these days anyway.) He helps the kids with projects, teaches them strategy and games. Takes them to the pool and shoots hoops with them in the driveway. Best. Dad. Ever!
He understands my volunteer efforts (doesn't always like them, but understands and supports them.) He pretends my obsession with ice cream, crafts, scarves, and sunglasses isn't unhealthy. And he puts up with my I Love Lucy-style antics. I love the enabler in him!
In return, I rub his back, scratch his legs, clean his bathroom, and watch reality TV. I ground him when his head is in the clouds. I also I manage our daughter's pre-teen mood swings. I figure all the stuff he does for the boys, just me being there for Bailey when she goes into sobs for no good reason, means plenty to him that he doesn't deal with that emotional powder keg! Soothing our daughter in a crying fit of 'I don't know why I'm crying, but please stroke my hair mommy and don't leave the room yet' drives him bananas. You know...the 'I want you when I want you, unless I'm busy with my friends, then I'll want you later' whims of adolescent children? Yeah, that.

So in the end, I think what describes us best, is we are a TEAM. He and I. Me and Him. We go good together. He's the cheese to my macaroni. The snap in my crackle, pop. The yin to my yang. We are pretty great for each other. I thank God for him every day.

Song: First Day of My Life   Artist: Bright Eyes
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