Sunday, April 7, 2013

my whiny blog post

Yesterday, I was in an internal uproar. I had some time all to myself and I wanted to write a blog post. I knew what I wanted to write, more or less, but I couldn't find a way in. And then I just stewed in my discontent and spent a lot of time on line and did a lot less than I wished.

The thing is, I'm the writing kind, and I need to write in order to be happy, but it's sometimes hard work to write that I get wrapped up in the difficulties and knotted up in not being able to write and just get, well, frustrated.

I have several incomplete projects, waiting for me to finish it. And it's like I am sitting on their chest -- not allowing them to take a breath. 

So here I am with my internal discontent, my thwarted creative jones, and this whiny blog post.

But I've learned something about my creative process through the years -- don't be so hard on myself for not being perfect.

Are you hard on yourself about anything in particular? 

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