Friday, April 12, 2013

{life in pictures} friday foto dump

I struggle with lighting.  Always have.  Always will.  So in order to bypass my arch nemesis (proper exposure), I like to take photos outside.  I learned that taking them at the beginning of the day or late afternoon, when the sun isn’t directly overhead is best for me to get enough light to boost my shutter speed up.  And when my shutter speed is fast enough, I don’t get that fuzzy face photo. 

Sure, all parents want that perfect smile and the twinkling eye in the photo.  They want the drool-less face and the cheerful expression.  They want the outfit to look like it was freshly pressed and the hair to be neatly coifed.  But this is the real world.  With real kids. And real kids have snot.  Drool. And boogers. Lots of them.  So instead of taking photos only when you have the perfect scenario, put down your parental pipe dream and just shoot the moments that are here and now.  These photos of Reef, for instance.  He’s hardly looking at the camera.  And he’s not in the best photo location…walking down our street to the mailbox. 

Props are always helpful when it comes to shooting babies.  Not only are they great distractions but they provide real-life baby scenarios that reflect your girl’s or guy’s personality. 

I know that there are purists out there that are so awesome at photography that they can capture an image and give it to you straight out of their camera.  And they are perfect.  So perfect that they would make Tommy Lee Jones cry.  But me?  Yeah, I mentioned I am a rookie, right?  Therefore Picmonkey is my pictures’ BFF.  So even when I fail miserably behind the camera, I can still salvage an awesome shot through a little digital enhancement. 

What photography tips do you have for photographing 'littles'?

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