Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{guest post} homemade nature bags

Hi there! As you know, I've been vacationing with family for the past several days -- my littles are experiencing Disney World for the first time! I can't wait to share our experiences with you upon my return. In the interim, I have some really wonderful guests submitting posts in my absence. 

I’d like to introduce to you, Connie, author of Momma of Dos, where Connie is cultivating her dream as a parenting/lifestyle blogger. I met Connie, recently, at a blogging event where I was the newbie -- I knew no one -- and Connie helped me feel right at home. She has a remarkable knack for making a person feel comfortable and important. Please help me welcome the sweetest of souls, Connie...


As I mentioned the other day, one of my biggest challenges as a fairly new Stay@HomeMomma is keeping my 3 & 1/2 and 2 year old busy....

picnic and activities 2013 103

From the moment my children wake up at around 7 am, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, they are little chunks of energy. They do not sit still and they are curious about it all. As a Momma I have house chores and long to-do list every morning. I have to find ways to keep the kids busy as well as ways to burn up all that mental and physical energy that they build up with only about 6 hours of sleep every night... 

The other day I was sitting on my computer and watching the kids in the yard when my son walked up to me with a leaf and said "Mom, what's this?" I told him it was a leaf and a part of nature... it usually opens up millions of possibilities in his growing and learning brain, naturally he came back in with grass and rocks, so I gave him and his Sister a plastic bag and sent them on an adventure to seek out "Nature". They found some pretty cool things, right in our backyard and I as I finished one post and wrapped up their afternoon activity, I got an idea for a new post....

"How to make your own Nature Bags"... 

It's not difficult at all! You need 3 basic things:

1. A Zip Lock bag, any size is good. 
2. A Marker to give your bag a date and name 
3. The great and awesome outdoors! 

Then on a recent trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to visit my Dad, we did the same thing as the kids explored my Dad's backyard and all the different flowers growing in nature. I have a feeling this is the beginning of something much bigger than just one afternoon with nothing to do.... 


I don't believe in making anything too complicated or over thinking things, I think simple and sincere is best.

Connie Gomez is a Momma of Dos toddlers; a 3 &1/2 and 2 year old and Wife to one hard working Daddy! Houston Native. Creator & Writer@Momma of Dos!  You may read more about her here: // blog // facebook // and twitter //


  1. I love Connie's simplistic and not fussy approach - kids only care that an activity is new, done with love and that they can get dirty :) And I agree, Connie is certainly the most loving of souls. Beautiful site and enjoy your babies's first trip to Disney World!

    1. Are you for real? So sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I know Connie appreciates you, too.

      I am officially back from Disney and desperately trying to catch up. Though, I am certainly eager to share our wonderful experiences with all of you.

      Love to you!

  2. What a fabulous idea Connie! Sounds like something I'll be doing very soon!

    I hope you are having an amazing time at Disney Mandi!

    1. Thank you, Candy -- it was an amazing trip! Truly, a great time with family bonding.

      Additionally, thank you for supporting Connie while I was out. XOXO

  3. Ahh thank you ladies! So much!

  4. I like your blog. Olive and Ivy sent me.

    1. Really?!? I love that gal, Olive and Ivy -- her blog is ah-mazing! Thank you for visiting me -- I appreciate you SO MUCH!

  5. Cute idea, my kids did this in preschool while exploring the grounds! Keeps them busy and interested in the world around them!

    1. Hi Michelle! Are you new here -- I don't recall seeing you comment before? It's so lovely to meet you.

      What is your blog? I would love to become more familiar with you!


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