Monday, March 4, 2013


When they’re new, you answer in weeks.

He's two weeks old, you say. Or he'll be six weeks on Monday.
The weeks zoom by and you feel like you're always giving a new answer.

Around the time he hits 10 or 12 weeks, your husband tells you it sounds silly. “It's time to graduate him to months,” he’ll say.

He's three months old, you say. Seven months. Ten months, and so forth.

When he turns a year old, you are shocked to find yourself saying that word: year. It's almost too much to comprehend and so once the birthday gifts have all been opened and the balloons have finally deflated, you find yourself regressing back to a more familiar measure of time.

He's thirteen months. Fifteen months. Nineteen months.

What comes next is inevitable yet jarring. You hear the question again - the question you've answered hundreds of times in his short life: How old is he? As always, you answer instinctively: Nineteen months.

But this time, you see a brief flicker of confusion cross their faces as they compute the large number of months into years. And you realize that your description has become more abstract and less clear to those who don't mark the passage of time by the arrival of the 25th of every month.

These months, they're significant to you. A month is the difference between drinking from a bottle or graduating to a sippy cup. A month can watch a crawler morph into a walker. A month can bring 5, 10, 20 new words.

But to everyone else, he's a year and a half. Or maybe he'll be two this summer.

It's a small thing. Maybe even a trivial thing. But somehow it feels like a HUGE milestone. Just one more indication that this kid is going to continue to outgrow his babyhood, his childhood whether you're ready or not.


“The days are long, the years are short.”

That is the thought that started Gretchen Rubin on a year-long happiness-seeking journey, which to her book, The Happiness Project, a New York Time best seller.

What Gretchen was thinking, and through her book was telling us is, it’s time to get more out of life! To be happier and to become more fulfilled. You see, no matter how long the days seem, the years are flying by!

Do something today – anything - that moves you closer to your dreams. Be a tad braver, a bit kinder, and a smidgen more positive, too. Work smarter, play harder, love more, complain less.

Then repeat what works, and stop doing what doesn’t, because after all, “The days are long, the years are short.”
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