Saturday, March 23, 2013

the truth about google reader

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If you haven’t already read this via…well, everyone else’s blog…I’m here to tell you that yes, Google Reader is going away in July. HOWEVER! What’s been rumored is just that…a rumor…and what do we know about rumors? They put everyone in a tizzy.

Dear lovelies, Google Friend Connect (aka GFC) is NOT going away – it is completely different from Google Reader. Put your miniature violins away for now. GFC will remain intact and we’ll be able to keep what amazing followers we have.

For Google Readers alternatives, here are a couple of suggestions:

NewsBlur was one of the first services people suggested when the Google Reader announcement came down. NewsBlur has a really well built interface that's also similar to Google Reader, but with some useful bells and whistles that make reading a bit more fun or easy on the eyes. For example, you can toggle the original view and display articles the way they show up on their respective sites, or read them the way they're presented in their RSS feeds, or view them text-only to get rid of the images and the page fluff.

You can share stories with friends, save them for future reading, star them, start your own "blurblog" of featured stories you want to share, and more. If you like to keep up with news on the go, NewsBlur's iPhone, iPad, and Android apps will bring you the latest stories anywhere you are. Free accounts are capped at 64 blogs, 10 stories at a time, and public sharing options. Premium users ($24/yr) can subscribe to as many sites as they want, get all the latest stories at one time, get faster site refreshes, can share publicly or privately, and of course support the service. Sadly, if you don't already have a free account, you can't get one right now—due to high demand, they've temporarily stopped free users from signing up. Keep an eye out though, I'm sure they'll drop this restriction once demand dies down.

Feedly — a magazine
Feedly is the current reader frontrunner, having added more than 500,000 new users in the past 48 hours. Feedly is available as a plug-in for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but not for Internet Explorer. On your mobile device, reading requires that you swipe in a number of ways — up, down, sideways — which could frustrate Google Reader devotees used to quick scrolling. The Web app shows only a selection of your feeds on the front page, so you'll have to open a sidebar to see the balance.

Feedly syncs with Google Reader, so the feeds are imported to Feedly when you connect your Google account. The company said it is working on a Google Reader clone that would take over on July 1, so that the app will run on its own.

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  1. I am so thankful someone took the time to explain this! I've seen tons of posts but NONE that actually explain like you did! YAY! Thank you!

    1. Katelyn, thank you for commenting and giving me a kudos for writing something. I'm not always sure I'm helping anything, and so it's nice to be told when I do. Thank you x100~

  2. You forgot BlogLovin! :-) I actually switched to reading through that from Google Reader and surprised I hadn't earlier because I like it better. I like seeing the person's actual blog because I really appreciate and love a good blog design. It makes it more intersting and eye-catching to read.

  3. Amen, I have no idea why everyone thinks GFC is going away.

  4. It took me a little while to realise that GFC and Google reader were two different things, but I've added the Bloglovin button to my page anyway, just in case there are any of my readers who will be moving over and want to take me with them.

  5. Hi Mandi,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! And thanks for clearing this up. This is what I thought but haven't seen a definitive answer, so thank you!

    Meg @


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