Monday, February 11, 2013


Shortly after we met, Pete would often discuss our future children. That early in our courtship, I’m sure I ‘ppfftt’d’ at the thought. It didn’t take long, however, until I was convinced of much the same. And what an adventure it's been!

In July 2010, I lost what would have been our first child together.

Nearly a year later, we welcomed our son, Reef. And I often wonder if God made him a little extra special, possibly doubling the happiness dose in Reef’s recipe. He regularly laughs at himself shamelessly and drenches us with slobbery wet kisses. And on days I’m not feeling up to par, he stands at my feet and raises his hands as if to hold me. There’s truly no day that I don’t wake up to his sweet smile and feel renewed.

We are pretty sure Reef knows how much we needed the joy he brings into our lives.

Here are just a few moments lately—practicing downward puppy—that make me so curious (and excited) to watch his personality unfold...

Other Reef musings...

Development: there's nothing this kid can't do! We are a extremely busy with running and climbing -- moving slow is a thing of the past. He can catch and throw a ball, jump off a curb, and as seen below...perform downward puppy yoga poses. Reef cheers for himself by clapping or throwing his arms in the air, in conjunction with a "yay!"
Vocabulary: repeats just about everything you say, but clearly annunciates "dog, cat, duck, quack, daddy, mommy, sissy, bubba, paw-paw, gi-gi, bye-bye, nose, eyes, knees"
Likes: Team Umizoomi and Backyardigans on NickJr, pineapple, hamburgers, tacos, and playing hide & seek. He's a thrill-seeker like his parents -- enjoys fast bike rides and steep slides at the park.

Hope you have a great week full of fun peeks into the future!

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