Monday, February 25, 2013


I've always been a little self conscious of the camera. I prefer to be behind it. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s that I’m more a harried mother, not as kempt as I used to be. With a few new wrinkles and tired, puffy eyes.

And then some days, I think how silly! My kids will want pictures of me. Moreso when I’m no longer around. They will want to see the way I looked at them – in awe. The way I laughed – with happiness pouring out of me. The moments I hugged them – with oh so much adoration.

I am not perfect to look at. Nor am I perfect to love. But I am perfectly their mother.

Lovelies, we’ll never have the perfect hair. Or the young skin we had as children. We might never be super slim. Or have a different nose…

But I promise you that our children will love looking at our pictures. They will love the crows feet, because it meant we laughed a lot. They will love the sun spots, because it reminded them of our adventures at the beach. They will love our little bit of extra pudge, because it meant that mom did some wonderful baking.

Our babies think we’re beautiful. And really, we are imperfectly beautiful.

So, I’ve added a new challenge to 2013…get in the picture!

Song: Near to You   Artist: A Fine Frenzy


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