Monday, January 7, 2013


I am pretty nice. I am. Ask folks. More often than not, I’m told I am too nice. But then again, I do tend to bottle up my frustrations. I may be smiling a cheesy grin on the outside, but on the inside, I'm shaking my head going, ‘really?!  REALLY?!’
Yeah, so here goes…
When your kid steals a toy or pushes another child, do you stay standing 10 feet away, possibly adding a wimpy, "hey, let's not hit?" (Wuss!) Or do you run on over to your demon spawn and explain the basic fundamentals of common courtesy? Maybe encourage an apology? Demand some type of obedience? Huh, do ya?!
Just asking. Because I see a lot of parenting from the sidelines. All watching and no action. Sometimes even no watching – playing on their phone rather.
When my kids act douchey poorly, especially around the age of when douchey poor behavior is rampant (aka preschool years through elementary on through middle school), I get up in their grill and make sure they know that I am on to them.
Are parents afraid of hurting their kid's feelings? Are they afraid that if they blow it off in front of other parents those parents will somehow not notice the douchey poor behavior of the other kid? Get a backbone, people! Part of parenting is mentoring, guiding, and DISCIPLINING.
So there you have it people. My rant on people who parent without any sense of accountability.


  1. Hi! Thanks for linking up to the look back! I'm just home from my trip and finally able to go thru the blogs! Happily Following ya!

    So...parenting! I have a son who is about to be 24, and I am one of those Mom's who was IN HIS FACE and in the face of many many other Moms! I can't STAND it when I see a parent NOT taking action to bad behavior. I remember one son was 3 and THROWING A HISSY FIT in a husband told him if he didn't stop, he was going to take him to the bathroom and give him something to cry about. Well...he didn't stop...and my husband did what he said he'd do. When he came back to the table he was a different kid. When we got up to leave, among the horrible parent stares...this old lady stood up and said, "You know, if we had more parents like you...these kids today wouldn't be the way they are! You are going to be great parents" MADE US FEEL AMAZING! We were strict, spanked only when necessary and on the hiney, grounded as he got older and took more appropriate actions when necessary. I have to tell you...he never got in trouble, no drugs, was in the ROTC for 4 years, graduated with a 3.75 gpa and never ONCE went to the Principals office in High School. Where am I going with this? Be a parent, be an in your face parent, be kind when necessary but firm when needed!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  2. Tif, thank you for your commentary. As humans, we naturally seek out justification for ourselves. And well, you justified me and my stance on discipline. Kudos to you for being an active parent! I read somewhere once that kids WANT discipline. Ironically, they identify discipline with being loved and cared for. Again, thank you for commenting!


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