Tuesday, January 29, 2013



You are 18 months old. And it’s hard to comprehend how much you’ve grown and changed since your first birthday, just six months ago. You listened to the melody, trying to make sense of the song and the glowing candle and the cupcake we placed in front of you.

We took you to the zoo for your very first time. I mostly walked behind our lovely brood, watching…observing you have a first experience. You walked alongside your big brother and big sister, you their partner in crime. I gazed upon your discoveries, from lazy old orangutans to the cobblestone paths that just perfectly suited your obsession with textures.

You have discovered how to find pleasure in the ordinary and in those moments, you are teaching me to do the same. We have such adventure in the simplest of places. Thank you for these lessons!

“Sugar” forever!


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