Monday, January 14, 2013


A product manufacturer recently contacted me about promoting their merchandise on my blog. Though flattered by their appeal of my blog, that’s just not necessarily the direction I want to go. You see, they want my endorsement regardless of my sentiment towards the product itself. They want to dictate my opinions on the product, ironically not my real-life opinions at all.

And I just can’t. That’s not to say I won’t endorse the right product. I simply can’t adhere my name to something I’m not passionate about.

I think people often believe all artists are hoping for the same things: notoriety, money, awards. While all those things are great in some facet, how you get them is the utmost important part.

So why do I blog? Click HERE.

It is important to continue to uncover why you write and who you are writing for. My reasons may not fit with the latest marketing trends and they may not produce impressive numbers. I’m continually drawn to writing content that is geared towards a smaller audience. People similarly yoked. Because that’s what I know and understand.

Sometimes that’s hard for me to accept. But it would be harder for me to write differently just so more people would read.

My advice to fellow bloggers, most often, would be, “have fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re not discovering the cure for cancer.”

But sometimes, it’s nice for me to remember that even though every page doesn’t have to change the world, there will be some pages that do. And that right there is worth celebrating. I've been so very encouraged by the sweet, wise, mature, resilient, beautiful souls I've encountered through blogging. There are many for whom I’ve been online friends with for a while though we’ve never actually met. I’m convinced if they weren’t states, even oceans away, we’d remedy that in a heartbeat.

Because of them I see the fog of discouragement and self-doubt lifted from me, and I reciprocate the words given to me by recycling encouragement over to each of you. Thank you for letting me write here, and I appreciate your continued support.


Rewind to 01/11/12, "Why I Blog"

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  1. Love this - it's so important to stay true to yourself and your intentions for your blog, rather than take every opportunity that comes your way.


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